Collaborative Working

iona crossThe Iona Cathedral Trust trustees recognise the value of working collaboratively with other organisations and bodies.  The Trustees have a good working relationship with the Iona Community and Historic and Environment Scotland, with representatives of these bodies being invited to the main meeting of the trustees each year.  In addition the Trust liaises as required with the National Trust for Scotland. The Trustees also set a high value on good working relations with the island community.

The trustees have a very good working relationship with the University of Aberdeen - particularly with the Department of Education through the development of ‘Tales of Iona’ and with the IT Department who have been instrumental in the creation of this website.

All these links are being strengthened and the new links forged with other bodies in connection with the Iona Abbey Library Project.  These include local schools, Argyll and Bute Council, the University of the Highlands and Islands and the National Library of Scotland.